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Benson & Associates

uses Microsoft Hosted Exchange to give you the advantage of superior connectivity without the need for an in-house mail server. Microsoft Hosted Exchange is a better way to share email, calendar and contact information and get more done. Mobile devices connect seamlessly, so your employees can have "Anywhere Access" to email. Customers can benefit from greater information sharing and collaboration. Your business is always online so you can increase connectivity, without in-house IT staff. And it’s always supported by our expert IT Support HelpDesk.

Is Hosted Exchange right for me?

The vast majority of the business world relies on Microsoft Exchange for email and communications between devices. Large corporations will purchase their own Exchange server as it can handle tens of thousands of email accounts, and this server is maintained by an IT department.

Small to medium businesses

can reap the benefits of this robust email system without the significant cost of purchasing the server, the license and the maintenance and administration. Benson & Associates will create a custom plan for you and your business that gives you all of the benefits of Exchange, which include email, calendar appointments, contacts, notes and tasks on your desktop or laptop as well as your smartphone – and Direct Push Synchronization, which keeps all of your folders synched all the time. It just doesn’t get any easier to keep all of your information and communications up to date.